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dumped by the monster storm. fema is reporting 13,000 people are staying in shelters right now. let's find out what is happening in manhattan. good afternoon. >> the temperatures are definitely dropping, and that is not helping the families who have lost everything, and the millions who are still without power. sandy's victim's woke up in a cold and dark home yet again this morning well looking for help. tempers are flaring up as many residents feel they have been left out in the cold. >> this is really a dangerous situation and it is a dangerous place in the dark. island, were the are,st hit communities is frustration and desperation. we lost everything. you do the best to can, you know? you go to work everyday and do can be done in one neighborhood, people into ae need to dump o dumpsters or crew that restaurantsway by paid of all the food we had to refrigerator,he is needed. it could get worse, as officials say temperatures could the 30's this weekend. adding to the misery, link the gas lines. shortages in some areas are .eaching crisis levels are open, and those are, cannot meet
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1